Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Where has the summer gone?  I can't believe school is about to start.  My flowers are all going to seed and I didn't even get one picture of my yard....Sorry Alvin. I promise, next year.  I would go out and snap a picture now, but I have been making a mess of it again, if you can believe it....Those who know me well would believe it.  I am always in need of a project.

July just kinda passed in a blur.  It was the last month I would get to spend with my sister and her family so I think I had kinda conviced myself that the month would never end.  But before I knew it, it was over and we were sending them off to Oklahoma.  These last few years have been so much fun being so close to her. We are going to miss them but are also excited for their new adventure in life!

The next week we took off to Laramie for Caleb's baptism.  I always dread getting in the car for the trip to Wyoming.  I must be a pessimist. I am always expecting the worst.  The kiddos always surprise me though.  We usually have a few meltdowns but we always make it.

 YEP. That is in her nose. Amazing how they figure things out like this all by themselves. It entertained her for quite sometime so I just laughed and tried to ignore the voice in my head telling me that it would break off inside her nose and get stuck up there. Then, we would have to stop by the emergency room which would only add a few hours to the 8 hour trip. Luckily that voice was wrong and we continued on our way.

 I don't know what we would do without a DVD player. Best invention ever.  We had to buy a new one and Tyler was tring to convince me that we needed to buy a regular TV screen and somehow put it in the car. Luckily, I listened to the voice in my head this time as I envisioned having to slam on my brakes and having the TV go flying through the car and through the front windshield.  Yeah....we just settled for the 7" screen.

 We made it without a problem.  It was so fun to see everyone...especially all those cute babies.  We made it to Caleb's baptism, which was special.  It amazes me how time does fly.  The first time I went home with Tyler while we were dating Caleb was just a few months old and now he is 8!  8 years have passed! Crazy! 
Aiden has a new obsession. Guns! I really struggle with it, but I think it is here to stay.  He shoots his nerf and pop guns all day long. Tyler and grandma have been supplying him with guns and targets.  Tyler had to go buy his own nerf gun because Aiden wouldn't ever let him have a turn.  Now they have targets and stations. They go at it ever night.  Grandma gave aiden this pop gun that we played with when I was a kid.  I understand why she wanted it at my house and not hers.  I have scratches and holes all over my walls and (sniffle, sniffle) on my new cabinets!
While in Wyoming, they had a nerf war (Picture Above).  Aiden was in heaven. I think Tyler enjoyed it just as much.  He insisted on wearing sunglasses even though it was indoors because that is what they do on TOP SHOT.  He thought it was pretty neat. 

This little girl is starting to get quite the personality.  She has got a little bit of 'tude but she is pretty darn cute.  She isn't scared of anyone.  Everytime we go to the store she runs around saying hi to anyone and if they dont say she just screams HI louder and louder. These two kiddos a one big ball of energy but I wouldn't trade them for a thing.


  1. Glad to see you finally updated! Miss those kids so much already. Shelby looks so adorable.

  2. I love when you update! Makes me miss you guys so bad. Just wish you came to Lovell instead of Laramie. I love your hair! Aiden and Shelby are adorable and growing up so much! I want to see your yard and all your projects so I think you should take that pic. Glad you guys are doing good!